PRE Edward Biel plays its part in ecology by taking action to protect the environment.

What does this mean?


As a company, we take conscious and environmentally responsible decisions. At the same time, we create standards on which we base our company’s policies. We implement ecological initiatives on many levels through such measures as:


– the creation, production and development of highly cutting edge products taking into account the aspect the ecological aspect. These visibly contribute to environmental protection through the reduction of pollutants, the greenhouse effect, acidification, the depletion of non-renewable energy and non-energy resources, carcinogens, etc. The production of our switchgears is based on eco indicators (the LCA analysis).


– saving energy and raw materials and the verification of suppliers and their materials necessary for our production, and in particular the use of sheet aluminum, 90% of which comes from recycling;


– raising the standards of internal behavior in everyday office activities, creating eco-friendly offices by saving paper, wholly selecting waste for production: scrap (additionally divided into copper, aluminum, steel), waste paper, plastics that go straight to the recycling companies and the recovery of raw materials. Many production processes are carried out with the repeated use of the same substances (repeated filtration and purification);


– building ecological awareness both within and the structure of the company and outside it among our clients and business partners.

Which of our products are eco?


Over the past 25 years, we have been improving the production technology of our products, which results in:


REM2 – class II protection metal switchgears which enable the total cessation of the use of SMC material and its painting (xylene, SO2 and NOX dust emissions, glass fibre production process) for harmless aluminum and plastic coatings, which can easily be recycled.


EVB – Electric Car Charging Stations are 100% eco-friendly products whose use contributes to the increase in the number of electrically-powered and hybrid cars, which translates into a reduction in the number of cars with traditional internal combustion engines that are responsible for the emission of pollutants. In addition, thanks to the use of natural materials such as aluminum and security glass, we have managed to eliminate plastic elements. To supply the station’s own needs, we use energy-saving diodes.


RPZ – underground switchboards in wells of polymers from used recycled PET bottles. Thanks to the use of this material, we are able to limit the amount of material released into the environment and to some extent we replace the wells that are made of plastics.