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EVB – Electric vehicles charging station

MTP Golden Medal for EVB

I am very pleased to inform you that the MTP Gold Medal Contest Jury at the EXPOPOWER 2017 International Trade Fair under the chairmanship of Prof. Prof. Dr hab. Eng. Aleksandry Rakowska (Poznan University of Technology) awarded the MTP Gold Medal to our newest EVB product – Electric Vehicle Charging Station.



EVB charging stations in Poland


EVB is a series of innovative and aesthetic stations intended for charging electric vehicles, manufactured by PRE Edward BIEL.
EVB – fast high-power charging station that significantly reduces charging time. Compact size and modern appearance blend perfectly with the surroundings. The station is prepared for installation in a domestic environment as well as in public places, such as:

  • urban infrastructure and public transport,
  • city transport (e.g. depots, parking spaces, taxi ranks),
  • home and public garages,
  • companies,
  • car parks (e.g. hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.),
  • services on motorways,
  • petrol stations,
  • railway stations,
  • airports,
  • service stations.


Charging variants

Charging takes place in two variants

  • charging directly from mains socket, type 1, type 2 and GB,
  • charging with a charging cable terminated with a type 1, type 2 or GB plug.

1. AC charging, type-1 SAE J1772 and type 2 -IEC 62196-2

  • Rated voltageup to 480V
  • Rated currentup to 63A

2. DC charging, type-1 SAE J1772 and type 2 -IEC 62196-3

  • Rated voltageup to 800V
  • Rated currentup to 125A

3. Combined AC/DC charging, type 1, SAE J1772 and typ-2 IEC 62196-2, IEC 62196-3

  • Rated voltageup to 480V
  • 1/3 phase with rated currentup to 32 A(AC)/125 A(DC)

Charging time

EVB stations are intended for fast and rapid charging with car charging times as follows:

  • up to 125A DCbetween 15 min and 60 min,
  • up to 63A ACbetween 45 min and 6 hours*.

*depending on the socket used and battery capacity.

Additional savings come from the possibility of using solar energy. We also offer less powerful EVB stations that do not require any change of tariff at the power supply company. We also offer the option of powering stations with energy from photovoltaic panels (100% free energy).


Extraordinary housing

EVB housing is made of aluminium profiles (combined with specially made safe, tempered and painted glass with a thickness of up to 6 mm) with a thickness of between 1 mm and 4 mm, in three variants:

  • uncoated,
  • powder paint coated,
  • lined with insulation material – Protection Class II.

Innovative Protection Class II has been achieved by completely lining the inside and outside with an insulation material that is attached to the aluminium core in a permanent and inseparable manner. There is no need for further paint coating. The elements of the structure are connected in a very careful manner in order to ensure high tightness. A wide range of colours provides freedom in designing and enables any layout of the charging station.


EVB is a modern station that can be fully customised and thus ideally suit every need. It is compliant with Polish, European and worldwide standards.

  • 1. EVBmini – max. charging current 32 A AC, wall mounted, concealed wall mounted and pole mounted,
  • 2. EVB – max. charging current 63A AC, freestanding,
  • 3. EVBmax – max. charging current 125A DC, freestanding,
  • 4. EVB-CT – max. charging current 200A DC, freestanding or pantograph,
  • 5. EVB-UG – max. charging current 32A AC.


The EVB station is controlled through a display or a colour LCD touch panel. A PLC controller connected with the touch panel operates closely with the measurement system and the billing system that handles payments with coins or by debit card. An economic variant is is also available without the above features.

The LCD touch panel displays information on the consecutive steps to ensure the correct operation of the station. In the event of a failure of the network, the power system is automatically cut off, which translates into the safety of use and eliminates the risk of damaging the batteries in the car.

Parameters of the LCD touch panel:

  • available screen sizes: between 4.3″ and 10.2″,
  • memory: 128MB,
  • built-in mini USB port on the front of the panel used for the software,
  • four communication ports RS232, 2xRS485, Ethernet,
  • support for RTC, logging, alarms and recipes,
  • power supply 24VDC.


EVB charging stations can be fitted with a modem with a SIM card for two-way communication, among other things in order to provide information on charging points, their accessibility an location on an interactive map.

Measuring system

EVB stations can be fitted with a measuring system for internal needs or a billing system for the power supply company, or both.

Activation of the system

Activation of the EVB station system is effected in several variants depending on the customer’s needs:

  • coin acceptor for any currency – the acceptor activates the system for a specified amount of energy in kWh. The charging amount in kWh depends on the amount of money and is set by us individually according to the customer’s needs,
  • mobile application – Bluetooth communication. The Bluetooth application turns the system on when the PIN is entered,
  • RFID card – turns the system on when it is scanned and turns it off when it is scanned again,
  • proximity payment by pay card – enables making payment for the selected amount of kWh or the selected amount of money for which we want to charge our vehicle at the EVB station; the amount is set in the colour LCD touch panel.

The software enables specifying appropriate rates for the kWh.

Security protections applied at the EVB charging station to enhance safety of use. Only people who are authorised to use the station have the PIN code and the RFID card. This protests the station from being used by third parties (a solution for companies whose employees park their cars in public places with common access).


EVB charging station will match any place due to the option of individual design of the housing and adaptation to the existing conditions. EVB charging station comes in five basic mounting variants:

  • freestanding – up to 125A (100 kW) DC and up to 63A (43 kW) AC mounted on a concrete base slab, which can be easily adapted to any finish (paving cubes, cobblestones, concrete slabs),
  • pole mounted – up to 63A (43 kW) AC – mounted on poles with any diameter,
  • wall mounted – up to 32A (22 kW) AC – mounted on walls using specially profiled brackets concealed beneath the front of the housing,
  • concealed – up to 16A (11 kW) AC – small-sized housing concealed in a recess,
  • underground/retractable – up to 32 A (22 kW) AC – hidden in a well with a high IP made of recycled material. The housing of the station can be pulled out by means of actuators and electric drive.

Technical parameters:

  • Rated switching voltage230/400V
  • Rated insulation voltage500/690V
  • Rated frequency50 Hz
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage8 kV
  • Charging power3,6-11-22-43-100 kW
  • IP protection degreeup to 65
  • Mechanical impact resistance degree IK10
  • Protection classI/II

Compliance with standards

The housing meets the strictest quality requirements nad complies with the following standards:

  • PN-EN 61439-1:2011,
  • PN-EN 61439-5:2011,
  • PN-EN 50274:2004,
  • PN-EN 62208:2006,
  • PN-E 05163,
  • PN-EN 60695-11-10:2014,
  • PN-EN ISO 14040:2009,
  • PN-EN ISO 14044:2009.

The housing is resistant to environmental exposure, in particular to UV radiation (UV-index: 0) and acid rains, high temperatures and heat; it is made according to N-EN 61439-1:2011, which specifies ageing testing.