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FIREBOX Fireproof switchgears, EI enclosures


  • Fire protection of all installations, including fire-fighting systems, automatics and electric instruments, against consequences of very high temperature, during fire, in all types of building structures;
  • Reduction of costs of construction and reduction of the building area necessary for separation of fire zones;
  • Ensuring a safety system for the structure by stopping pressure of flames and hot gases;
  • Protection of instruments of technological processes under highly difficult conditions of operation (high temperature, gases);
  • Ensures fire tightness and thermal insulation in the range of 40–140°C inside the enclosure with the ambient temperature above 1000°C.


  • The switchgear system in FIREBOX enclosures is a perfect small-size solution that offers fire protection for all installations, instruments, devices and safety systems of buildings and industrial facilities against high temperature (up to 1000°C) and penetration of gases during fire. Temperature inside the enclosure is maintained at 40–140°C;
  • The enclosure allows for selection and use of any instruments due to the possibility of manufacturing it to any size. Special glands allow running cables of various cross sections;
  • The FIREBOX enclosures limit construction costs and save the area of the structure necessary for separation of fire zones.


The FIREBOX structure has met very strict requirements. It is always designed for the specific needs of the Client.

It is made of several layers of properly profiled welded steel sheets. The heat resistant layer is inserted between the sheets, whose appropriate structure and thickness help withstand high temperature during fire.

The FIREBOX structure is provided for wall surface and flush integration. It is painted with powder paints in any colour according to the RAL palette.

Roof and base

The design of the top part and of the base of the FIREBOX enclosure allows simple and safe running of cables through two-part steel chokes ready for wires with cross section from 1.5 mm² to 240 mm². The necessary condition after inserting cabling into the enclosure is to provide additional sealing of the chokes with sealing agent, tape or cord, as recommended.

Front cover (the door)

The front cover (the door) is executed in exactly the same way as the walls and the back of the enclosure to ensure uniform distribution of temperature on the whole structure and to limit its increase inside the enclosure.

The front cover is completely removable to enable easy work inside the enclosure. The cover has a locking system preventing the possibility of its splitting during fire and catches to control pressure in order to ensure better leak-tightness.

The cover is fitted with catches with the integrated lock with keys of any system or padlock.


The enclosure is intended for installation on the wall, fixed with wall-mounted clamps on both sides of the enclosure, fitted with openings for M10-16 screws with any spacing of the clamps possible.

The condition to obtain the appropriate EI rating is to provides solid covers for the top / bottom cable routes / trunks and cabling run to the FIREBOX enclosure, depending on the version (for surface or flush installation). The covers have to be made of fireproof barriers, pursuant to the technical documentation developed for the given application and in accordance with technical and construction regulations.

The covers in contact with the enclosure must have the fire resistance class not worse than that of the enclosure. The covers should be connected with the structure of the building in accordance with the requirements of the producer of the covers. Thickness of the covers depends on the relevant fire resistance rating.

Selection of the FIREBOX enclosures is always done on the basis of the specific technical findings.


The accessories of the enclosure are always selected in accordance with the needs of the Client in any scope of all levels and types of voltage. The enclosure may be fitted with modules of any size and current rating.