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ISIEtherm hybrid panels


  • Swimming pools: using water as cooling medium, ensuring cooling for photovoltaic modules due to taking over large quantity amounts, increase in electric performance and use of solar heat, the possibility of heating large volumes of water;
  • Heat pumps: effective use of the possibilities of hybrid panels, increasing efficiency of photoelements and using the solar module in lower temperatures;
  • Hotel and catering facilities.


The hybrid revolution – ISIEtherm – is the solution to the heat problems present in photovoltaics. Using two technologies based on solar energy and combining them in one hybrid panel is not only an innovative and bold move, but first of all a mile step on the road to improving performance and functioning of the panels.


The whole idea of improving the technology of using solar energy is based on the possibility of receiving heat from the warm photovoltaic panel and using it by the absorber of the solar collector. This increases performance of the photovoltaic cell, thus increasing volume of the produced current with simultaneous production of heat. The hybrid panel minimises costs and maximises production.

This way of handling the effect of temperature increases electricity profit (from energy of the sun) by at least 10% per year. In the systems optimally configured, electricity profit may increase even to 30% and more when compared with the standard photovoltaic modules available commercially. Reduction of the effect of temperature interaction reduces ageing of materials of the panels, which is an additional benefit. ISIEtherm also has innovative foam insulation on the back side of the module, with high insulation factor to prevent loss of heat.

Another advantage of the innovative hybrid panel developed by the owner of Nieberle Solar is the possibility of building it from majority photovoltaic panels available. The system for heating water utility water executed is here just like with regular solar panels.

The technology of hybrid panel assembly allows also to replace the photovoltaic part for further use of the solar module in the hybrid form. Various solutions may be used during the installation of the hybrid panel due to the possibility of setting the panels vertically or horizontally.

Hybridisation of the existing and installed photovoltaic panels is also possible. It is done with a special system of the solar part fixing to enhance the installation with an additional function of production utility warm water. Improved conditions of production of electricity are a side effect.