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KR-50, KRA-50 Corners for enclosure profiles

Technical description

  • For connecting structure profiles, e.g. in electrical switchgears or ventilation sections;
  • For open and closed profiles;


Corners feature:

  • High quality of execution;
  • Mechanical strength, including bending and twisting;
  • Resistance to corrosion and wear;
  • Ease of connection with the profile and production of structure of any dimension.

Corners allow to eliminate the necessity of execution welded or screwed connections.


KR-50 corner is made of black polyamide 6 with high impact strength, dedicated for injection moulding. The corner has the following mechanical and thermal properties:

  • Resilience (1mm/min) – 3000 Mpa;
  • Tensile strength (50 mm/min) – 55 Mpa;
  • Melting point: 222 st. C;
  • Maximum temperature of continuous work: 70-90 st. C;
  • Maximum peak temperature of work: 140 st.C;
  • Flammability: HB;

KRA-50 corner is cast of aluminium with the highest impact strength:

  • Resilience (1mm/min) – 27200 Mpa;
  • Tensile strength – 700 Mpa;
  • Melting point: 900 st. C;
  • Maximum temperature of continuous work: 120 st. C;
  • Maximum peak temperature of work: 250 st.C;
  • Flammability: brak;

Corners are not subject to corrosion and are resistant to UV radiation.


KR-50 and KRA-50 corners are made so as to ensure stability of the enclosure structure, with simultaneous maintaining its lightweight design.

The corner is a monolithic element without any moving parts. It includes the body with the marking of the producer with three identical arms 55 mm long each the are inserted into the profile. The arms of the element are not solid. The wall of the corner is from 3 mm to 5 mm thick. Varying thickness of the walls, profiled structure and corner reinforcements significantly increase strength of the element. The total length is 127 mm (the body 70 mm, the arm 57 mm).

The corner is installed in the profile with bending radius from 1.5 mm. The thickness of the profile is from 1–2 mm. For panels up to 27 mm thick.

The corner is installed by sliding profiles on its arms and strong pressing to the walls of the body.