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OC Chemically bonded enclosures for RST pole switchgears


  • For pole-mounted MV/LV transformer stations;
  • Protection of electric instruments.



  • Outdoor, hanging or free-standing on a foundation base;
  • Made with self-extinguishing polyester and glass laminate in the chemically bonded technology, with monolithic design;
  • Smooth surface painted in any colour (RAL);
  • High resistance to atmospheric conditions, UV and mechanical damages;
  • With a ventilation labyrinth preventing accumulation of water and moisture;
  • High mechanical strength;
  • Up to IP 44 protection level;
  • Mechanical resistance IK 10;
  • Appliance class II;


  • Solid with oblique reinforcements;
  • Opening to both sides, separate for MZ/MO and MP, SON;
  • With a pin tumbler lock (of any shape) or an espag lock with a system cylinder and an additional padlock;
  • Three-point bolts;
  • Internal / external hinges
  • Anti-burglary lock to block the position of the door;
  • Document holder;
  • A plastic warning plate;

Roof and bottom

  • The gable roof with cable chimneys (7 x Ø 70 mm, 3 x Ø 50 mm) for easy running of cabling and heat shrink outlet shapes;
  • The bottom has a plugged opening to run cabling through the K-OC cable duct


  • OC-1/1A: 1280/750/560 mm (h/w/d);
  • OC-2: 1660/870/650 mm (h/w/d).


The devices are installed as required by the Client.

  • Steel vertical installation profiles, installed on the enclosure with screws, ready for installation of transverse installation sheets, installation panels and post insulators for current circuits.;
  • Installation profiles for PE and N busbars installed in the lower part of the enclosure;
  • Galvanised angle sections for OM connection clips installed on the side wall, spacing in the range from 500 mm to 800 mm;


  • The K-OC cable duct made of composite, fitted with a removable wall for easier running of cables. Available in the dimensions: 1200/360/160 mm (h/w/d);
  • The OM clamps made of galvanised steel profiles for direct installation of the switchgear on the pole. The design of the enclosure may accommodate any spacing and shape of the clamps;
  • The P support for additional support and support points for the enclosure of the switchgear with non-standard equipment (increased number of elements and devices, cross section of the rails);
  • The FB concrete foundation block to set the switchgear free-standing enclosure at the pole of the station.

Basic technical data

  • Insulation rated voltage1000 V
  • MaterialPolyester and glass laminate in the chemically bonded technology
  • IP protection level44
  • IK level of protection against mechanical impact10
  • Appliance classII
  • Colours availableRAL 9002, 7040, any according to RAL

Compliance with standards

  • PN/EN 60529 – „Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)”;
  • PN-EN 62262 – „Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts (IK code)”;
  • PN-EN 62208 – „Empty enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – General requirements”.