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OU-1SKS Cable cabinet enclosures


  • For industrial power engineering and building facilities;
  • For cable enclosures controlling external connector systems in HV stations (100 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV), secondary circuits, automatic operation systems;
  • For LV cable distribution network cabinets distributing electricity and protecting electrical devices;
  • For devices up to 1250 A;
  • To ensure high degree of protection of switching, inspection, control and automatics devices;
  • For installation on FM and FB foundation blocks.


Available models

  • Single wall: with the outer wall;
  • Single wall design with heat insulation: the outer wall with Al thermal insulation mat;
  • Double wall design with air gap: the outer and inner walls with air space;
  • Double wall design with insulation: the space between the walls filled in with inflammable rock wool.


  • Outdoor, free-standing on concrete or metal base;
  • Made with aluminium sheet, welded and riveted;
  • Metal sheet thickness matching the dimensions;
  • Powder painted in any colour (RAL), with surface structure highly resistant to destruction and external factors;
  • Screwed to the base;
  • Executed in Class I or II appliance standard;
  • Up to IP 55 protection level;
  • Mechanical resistance up to IK10.


  • Solid;
  • Opened to one or both sides to ensure better access to the components;
  • With one or two wings;
  • With a pin tumbler lock (of any shape) or an espag lock with a system cylinder and an additional padlock;
  • Three-point bolts;
  • Internal hinges with an additional anti-burglary lock;
  • Opening to 120°;
  • Ground bolts with cables.

Roof and bottom

  • The gable roof with the ventilation labyrinth and ventilation preventing accumulation of water and moisture.


  • With an opening to run cables from the cable duct through the additional fire bulkhead;
  • Ready for installation of a fire bulkhead with screws.


The size matching the type and range of devices and individual needs of the Client.

Typical dimensions:

  • Height: 1100/1900/2100/2200 mm;
  • Width: 400/600/800/820/850/1000/1050/1250/1400 mm;
  • Depth: 250/300/400/600/620/800 mm.


The devices are installed as required by the Client.

  • Vertical installation profiles: fixed permanently to the walls of the enclosure, ready for installation bases or current circuit post insulators;
  • Installation base: galvanised, installed on vertical installation profiles made of galvanised sheet for current circuit switches;
  • Wire ducts with the cross section matching the type and number of cables;
  • Masking panels: made of plastic or sheet metal, installed to the enclosure structure or to the internal frame with masking panel clamps;
  • The control panel with the mimic panel, made in a unique way by applying offset-printed sheets on the whole surface of the panel, with the possibility of printing any design. Installed in the internal frame;
  • Lighting and heating, with heating circuits, and a thermostat with the heating element in the lower part of the cabinet. Lighting: two fluorescent lamps installed in the upper part to ensure uniform illumination along the entire width. Limit switches and a cam switch are installed in the cabinet (the components may be installed in any place, as required by the Client);
  • Cable clamps with the cable management bar;
  • Galvanised steel earthing rail;
  • Ventilation with a fan and proper openings in the enclosure to allow continuous flow of air;
  • Document holder.

The enclosure can additionally host circuits of the primary electrical installation developed by the designer for the specific project.


  • Plinth – solid, welded;
  • FB concrete or FM aluminium base – matching the dimensions of the cabinet;
  • GO fire bulkhead – preventing penetration of fire and other factors inside the cabinet.

Basic technical data

  • Materialaluminium
  • IP protection level55
  • IK level of protection against mechanical impact10
  • Appliance classI
  • Height / width / depthwithout limitations

Compliance with standards

  • PN-EN 62262 – „Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts (IK code).”;
  • PN-EN 60529 – „Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code).”;
  • PN-EN 62208 – „Empty enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – General requirements.”;
  • PN-EN ISO 4628 – „Paints and varnishes – Evaluation of degradation of coatings – Designation of quantity and size of defects, and of intensity of uniform changes in appearance – Part 6: Assessment of degree of chalking by tape method.”;
  • PN-EN ISO 2409 – „Paints and varnishes – Cross-cut test.”.