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Mesh partitions and openwork floors


  • For separation of zones in such rooms as transformer stations, server rooms, motor rooms, storage areas;
  • Ensuring better air ventilation and visibility of the individual zones;
  • Raising and levelling the floor.


The floors and partitions are executed on the basis of the entrusted designs or designs developed by our designers.

The selection of the solution is done on site. We deliver custom orders for structures with sheet metal, grate, rods, black iron profiles, galvanised or aluminium sheet.

Openwork floor

Executed with steel profiles to any dimension. Installed in small distance from the floor, on special adjustable supports to enable precise levelling of the floor. The elements of the structure are welded, then the structure is galvanised and powder painted in any colour.

Mesh partition

The partitions may be provided in any shape, made of frames with any profiles. The structure is filled with mesh that is galvanised or powder painted. The type and density of the mesh depend on the intended use of the partition; it is customised to the solution.

Partitions are executed as fixed or tilting, in the form of doors with the possibility of locking.