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RM630 Modular switchgears up to 630 A


  • For industrial, construction and commercial facilities to ensure protection of modular devices up to 630 A;
  • Distribution and measurement of electricity;
  • Protection of electrical devices against consequences of shortings and overloads on the LV side.



Aluminium OU-1S / Steel OU-1(2)

Made of aluminium or steel sheet (welded), powder painted in any colour, provided for surface, flush, free-standing, wall, and hanging installation. Available in the version with increased IP or high resistance to temperature and fire (FIREBOX). Freely configurable structure and openings. The size matching the type and range of devices and individual needs of the Client.

The enclosure is provided with installation profiles or installation base for setting devices to be fixed on the base and TH35 rails for installation of modular devices and connection of feed-through terminals.

Masking panels: made of plastic or sheet metal, installed to the enclosure structure with masking panel clamps, to be used interchangeably with wire ducts, with the cross section matching the cabling required. The solid or transparent door with internal or external hinges and multi-point bolts. Signalling and metering devices may be installed on the door. The enclosure is fitted with an espag lock with any shape of the cylinder.

The roof and the bottom of the enclosure have openings with brush grommets or profiled rubber grommet membrane or chokes to run cables without lowering the IP rating.

The enclosures ensure IP 40 to IP 66 rating leak-tightness, mechanical resistance from IK 06 to IK 10, and Class I or II of appliance design. With a large range of enclosures in the offer, we can freely select and configure the switchgear design as required.

In the prefabrication of switchboards in metal enclosures, we use systems of other leading producers, all in compliance with the design.


  • Plinth – solid or ventilated, of any height to match the cable duct;
  • Wall mounting – made of profiled metal sheet, to enable setting the enclosure on the wall.


We use devices from many leading and proven producers.

Switchgears are fitted with protection, separation, measurement, signalling, control, and communications devices along with other additional components selected to meet the needs of the Client.


Switchgear cabling is run in insulated flexible rails or in an insulated duct, with cross section matching the required current load and types of devices.


The external marking of the switchgear is laser engraved, on metal or plastic plates of any colour. The devices and strip-mounted connectors are marked in accordance with the diagram of the internal connections and the design guidelines.

Basic technical data

  • Rated operational voltage230/400 V
  • Insulation rated voltage500/690 V
  • Rated frequency50 Hz
  • Bus bar rated continuous current up to 630 A
  • Protection IP 30-66, IK 06-10
  • Appliance classI/II
  • Dimensions of incoming / outgoing terminals120 mm² / 35-50 mm²
  • Network typesTN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S, TT, IT

Compliance with standards

  • PN-EN 61439-1 – „Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Part 1: General rules”;
  • PN-EN 60529 – „Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)”;
  • PN-EN 62208 – „Empty enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – General requirements”;
  • PN-EN 62262 – „Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts (IK code). (IDT PN-EN 50102:2001)”;
  • PN-EN ISO 4628 – „Paints and varnishes – Evaluation of degradation of coatings – Designation of quantity and size of defects, and of intensity of uniform changes in appearance – Part 6: Assessment of degree of chalking by tape method”;
  • PN-EN ISO 2409 – „Paints and varnishes – Cross-cut test”.