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Switchgears in air insulation RN-1


The RN-1 switchgear with air insulation is intended for distribution of electricity in AC 50 Hz networks with the rated voltage of up to 7.2 kV. It is successfully applied in the energy industry and in the industry. The design of the switchgear allows safe work, inspection and maintenance.
It meets the requirements of the standards PN-EN 62271-200:2007 and PN-EN 60694:2004 (replaced by PN-EN 62271-1:2009), also in the scope of resistance under internal arc conditions.


  • A simple and efficient blockade system
  • Galvanised sheet plate structure, riveted, painted
  • A metal case secured integrally and divided into sections
  • Shifting the unit slid from the test / disconnection position to the operating position, which results in withdrawable moving walls and uncovering contacts, thus allowing connection of switch contacts
  • A fast earthing switch, with the capacity of short-circuit activation in all feeders
  • The earthing switch fitted with a manual or power activator; its status is signalled with the position indicator
  • The door window to view mechanical indicators of the position of the disconnecting switch and the activator status
  • The insulators made of epoxy resins, set on support insulators in the bus connection bay

Operational conditions

  • Installation altitude up to 1,000 m ASL
  • No need to compensate for vibration from external factors or earthquake
  • No significant pollution with salt, steam, dust, smoke, flammable or corrosive gases
  • No icing, frosting and dew
  • Relative air humidity:
  • – the highest average within the day: 95%
    – the highest average within the month: 90%
    – the highest average steam pressure within the day: 2.2 kPa
    – the highest average steam pressure within the month: 1.8 kPa

  • Ambient temperature:
  • – the highest short-term temperature: +40°C
    – the highest average within the day: +35°C
    – the highest annual average: +20°C
    – the lowest long-term temperature: +25°C


  • Nominal voltage 7,2 kV
  • Rated continuous current for busbars and incoming feeders 100, 160, 200, 315, 400, 630
  • Nominal frequency 50 Hz
  • Rated short-time withstand current 10 kA/3s
  • Rated peak withstand current 25 kA
  • Highest voltage / Rated short-time withstand voltage of grid frequency / Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage:
    7,2 kV7,3/23/75
  • Nominal voltage in auxiliary circuits110, 220 V
  • Auxiliaries transformer25, 40 kVa
  • Breaker switchVB-17 (PRE); VD-4 (ABB)
  • Current transformersPPB12 (PRE), CTS (KPB-Intra)
  • Voltage transformers VTS (KPB-Intra)
  • Surge arresterPOLIM-D (ABB); 3EK (Siemens)
  • Protection degree according to PN-EN 60529IP5X
  • Base feeder dimensions750x1500x1800
  • Weight 600-700 kg

Tested in accordance with the standard

  • PN-EN 62271-200
  • PN-EN 62271-1
  • GOST 1516.3-96
  • GOST 14693-90