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RPV Switchgears for photovoltaic applications


  • For photovoltaic farms and installations;
  • Protection of electrical devices against consequences of shortings and overloads;
  • Distribution and measurement of electricity transmitted to the distribution;
  • For DC (1000 V) and AC (500 V) grids.



Thermosetting plastic

SMC enclosure with IP 44 or 54 rating. Built to Class II protection standard, with HB to V0 flammability rating, painted in RAL 7035, with the possibility of additional painting to ensure temporary resistance to environmental factors and UV radiation.

Aluminium OU-1(2) / Steel OU-1(2)

The enclosure made of aluminium sheet (welded or riveted). Powder painted in any colour. The size matching the type and range of devices and individual needs of the Client. The enclosure is highly resistant to degradation, environmental factors and UV radiation. The enclosure is executed in the Class I and II appliance protection standard.

Class II appliance protection rating of the enclosure is achieved with an additional insulation layer permanently applied on the internal surfaces of the enclosure. The thickness of the layer ensures the required insulation.

Labyrinth ventilation allows continuous flow of air with simultaneous elimination of penetration of pollutants and accumulation of water and moisture.

The door with internal hinges with anti-burglary lock and multiple bolts, an espag lock with a padlock or a system cylinder.

Installation parts

  • Installation profiles: steel, with openings, installed on the enclosure structure;
  • Installation base: plastic or galvanised steel, installed on vertical installation profiles made of galvanised sheet for current circuit switches;
  • Cable clamps with the cable management bar;
  • Masking panels: made of plastic or sheet metal, installed on the enclosure structure.


  • Wall mounting (to the panel structure) – made of profiled metal sheet, enables installation of the enclosure on the structure of the solar panel or on the wall of the building (OU, OIP).

Available types

  • Solar panels switchboard – for PV generators installed on the structure of the solar panel or on the wall of the building, fitted with over-current and over-voltage protection and strip-mounted push-in fittings. DC power supply;
  • Converter switchgear – for DC/AC converters, installed on the wall, fitted with over-current protection, strip-mounted push-in fittings, AC power supplied from the converter;
  • LV grid switchgear/strong> e.g. RM 630, for distribution, measurement, protection and transmission of energy to the distribution grid.


We use devices from many leading and proven producers.

Switchgears are fitted with:

  • Protection components – disconnecting switches of the generator, line disconnecting switches, converter fuses, voltage surge protection and other;
  • Distribution components – connecting elements and current circuits;
  • Measurement components – analysis and collecting of information about operation and volume of generated energy transmitted to the grid;
  • Control components – control and coordination of operation of the photovoltaic installation;
  • Communication components – supporting remote control of all processes of the photovoltaic installation.

Basic technical data

  • Switchgear Solar panels Converter LV distribution and transmission
  • Insulation rated voltage 1000 V 500 V 500 V / 690 V
  • Current characteristics Direct Alternating, 50 Hz Alternating, 50 Hz
  • Rated continuous current 30 A up to 630 A up to 630 A
  • Protection IP 44-66 IP 44-66 IP 40-66
  • Appliance class I / II I / II I / II
  • Dimensions of incoming / outgoing terminals up to 35 mm² up to 35 mm² up to 240 mm²
  • Types of earthing systems TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S