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STSR, STSRS, STN, STS p(b) Pole transformer stations


The stations are intended for providing power supply to rural, municipal settlement and small industry recipients from the overhead network or from the medium voltage 15 kV or 20 kV cable network.


The design of the station is based on E type pre-tension prestressed concrete rods set in a drilled hole, a well with boarding or slab foundations.

The support structure of the station is ready to perform in a limited range the function of the terminal pole for medium and low voltage lines.

Power supply from the overhead network may be provided with the AFL 6-35 (50, 70) cable or with an insulated cable with the cross section of 35 (50–70) mm².

Transformers of various types may be used in the station without a maintenance technician with the power up to 250 kVA, or transformers with the power 400 kVA, whereas new solutions allow the use of a 630 kVA transformer.

The MV/LV new generation pole stations take into consideration application of new materials and devices and new operation requirements aimed at simplification of operational use and increase of safety during maintenance activities.


MV side power supply

  • Bare wires AFL 6-35; 50;(70);
  • Insulated wires 35;50;(70) cable type;
  • Three-core cables;
  • Single-coat types;
  • Single-wire cables with insulation and polyethylene coat.

Transformer power

  • Typical up to 250 kVA;
  • 400 kVA;
  • Up to 630 kVA: max. mass of the transformer 2500 kg.

Rod type

  • E type pre-tensioned prestressed concrete rods.


  • Stand insulators LWP 8-24, LWP 8-245, LWZ 8-24;
  • Pin type insulators LP 60/5u, LP 60/8, CS70AA20, CS70AA30, HASDI, SDI.

Degree of safety security

  • 0°; 1°; 2°;3°;

Soil type

  • Average and weak

Foundation type

  • In a drilled hole;
  • Excavated, in a well with boarding;
  • Slab foundation.

Climatic zones

  • I, II, III and areas with increased rime

LV circuits

  • Overhead type, with bare or insulated conductors;
  • Cable type;

LV switchboard

  • The RST switchgear up to 1250 A in an aluminium enclosure, built to Class I or II protection level, fitted with the modules: incoming and outgoing, metering and balancing, area lighting. The pole switchgear fixed to the station or the cable type on the foundation next to the station.

Basic technical data

  • Rated voltage15/0,4 kV; 20/0,4 kV, 30/0,4 kV
  • Insulation rated voltage20 kV

The type of the station and the power and mass of the transformer

  • STSR stations
  • STSR-PO-20/25 – 25 kVA350 kg
  • STSR-20/400 – 250 – 400 kVA1500 kg
  • STSRp-20/400 – 400 kVA2000 kg
  • STSRS stations
  • 630 kVAup to 2500 kg
  • STS p (b) stations
  • STS-20/40 – up to 40 kVA350 kg
  • STS-20/100 – up to 100 kVA750 kg
  • STS-20/250 – 160 – 250 kVA1250 kg
  • STS-20/400 – up to 400 kVA1650 kg
  • STN stations
  • STN-20/100 – up to 100 kVA750 kg
  • STN-20/250 – 160 – 250 kVA1250 kg
  • STN-20/400 – 400 kVA1650 kg
  • STN-20/630 – 630 kVA2150 kg