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Vacuum switches series VB-35


VB-35 medium voltage breaker switches are intended for use in power systems. The electric arch is extinguished with the vacuum technique. Disconnection in vacuum occurs with the minimum arch breaking current. This ensures high electric durability of the disconnecting switch and limits mechanical, electric and thermal exposures of the installed elements.
Breaker switches are used to isolate electricity and protect cables, overhead lines, transformers and substations, motors, generators and capacitor batteries.


  • The switch may be operated manually or electrically
  • On request of the recipient, the breaker switch may be fitted with the following electric control elements:
  • – The motor with the gear for putting closing springs under tension automatically
    – The closing release
    – The opening release

  • manual tensioning of springs is always possible
  • breaker switches may be installed directly on the support structures owned by the recipient or special trucks (available on request)
  • withdrawable breaker switches are designed for use in metal-enclosed two-stage switchgears
  • when the breaker switch is in the “test” position, it may be inserted in the switchgear, because it is then earthed through the rollers of the drawer


  • Nominal voltage 40,5 kV
  • Nominal current 1250; 1600; 2000; 2500 A
  • Nominal disconnection capacity 20; 25; 31,5; 40 kA
  • Nominal short-term current 20; 25; 31,5; 40 kA/3s
  • Rated peak withstand current 63; 80; 100 kA
  • Highest voltage / Rated short-time withstand voltage of grid frequency / Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage:
    40,5 kV40,5/80/190
  • Nominal voltage of auxiliary circuits: Direct current / Alternate current110, 220 / 110, 220 V
  • Closing time 0,07 s
  • Total opening time 0,045 s
  • Operating sequenceB -0,3 c – BO – 180 c – BO
  • Pole pitch 280, 360 mm
  • Dimensions W/D/H844; 555 / 700; 940 / 1574; 1325
  • Weight kg290÷340